4th Degree

Officers, July 1, 2017 through -June 30, 2018

Faithful Father Friar: Reverend Charles Tuttle

Faithful Navigator: Lewis Deutschmann

Faithful Captain: Thomas Sabo

Faithful Pilot: David Overmann

Faithful Comptroller: Pete Schumacher

Faithful Scribe: Ryan Haukap

Faithful Purser: Donald Deiters

Faithful Inner Sentinel: Lavern Langhauser

Faithful Outer Sentinel: Robert Schleper

Faithful Admiral: Dale Gall

Faithful 1 Year Trustee: John Wieter

Faithful 2 Year Trustee: Michael Netemeier

Faithful 3 Year Trustee: Jerome Rakers

Contact information for the Faithful Navigator:

Lewis Deutschmann, 8 East Birch St., New Baden, IL 62262
E-mail: fn.baa193@yahoo.com


Contact information for the Faithful Comptroller:

Pete Schumacher, 439 E 3rd St, Trenton, IL 62293
Home Phone: 618-224-9347

The Emblem of the Order


The Triad Emblem of the Fourth Degree features the Dove, the Cross and the Globe.

The Dove – classic symbol of the Holy Spirit and Peace is shown hovering over the orb of the earth (Globe). Both which are mounted on a variation of the Crusader’s Cross – that which was found on the tunics and capes of the Crusading Knights, who battled to regain the Holy Land from the pagans.

The Orb or Globe – God the Father, Creator of the Universe

The Cross – God the Son, Redeemer of Mankind

The Dove – God the Holy Spirit, Sanctifier

The colors of the symbols are:

The blue globe with the lands of the Western Hemisphere in white

A red cross with gold borders, and golf knobs at the ends of the arms of the Cross (also known as the Isabella Cross)

A white dove

Red, white and blue are the colors of the Flag of our county in which our order originated; and are used to stress the basic principle of the Fourth Degree …. PATRIOTISM.

Our Honored Order cherishes as its patron Christopher Columbus. Christopher (Christ Bearer) Columbus (Dove of Peace), symbolizing the Paraclete spiritually; the sacred symbols on the emblem typify the Union of the Three Divine Persons in one God – the most Blessed Trinity.


Our Assembly’s Namesake

Most Reverend Henry J. Althoff, for whom our assembly was named, was born in Aviston, Illinois, on August 28, 1873. He was ordained a priest on July 26, 1902. He was ordained the second Bishop of Belleville Diocese on February 24. 1914, and remained in that position until his death on July 3, 1947. Bishop Althoff’s home town of Aviston, is located within the assembly’s jurisdiction.

Our Assembly’s History

During April of 1953, 27 Brother Knights of Carlyle Council #1382, Breese Council #2869, Trenton Council #2932 attended a special meeting initiated by the then-Master of the Southern District Robert Meissner to discuss the formation of a new assembly for the Clinton County Area. On May 7, 1953, the Bishop Henry J. Althoff Assembly was officially instituted.

Other councils that were started since 1953 within the North-central Deanery of Belleville Diocese that also have members that are members of this assembly, namely Bartelso Council #4745 on 1959, Albers-Damiansville Council #9768 in 1988, New Baden Council #10311 in 1990, Aviston Council #11110 in 1993, Sandoval Council # 11758 in 1996, and most recently, Okawville Council #12799 in October of 2000.

Robert Meissner, who was the Charter Grand Knight of Breese Council in 1943, served as Master of the Southern District of the Marquette Province ( Belleville, Springfield and Peoria Dioceses) from 1952 through 1972. Former Master Meissner died January 31, 1982.


Color Guard

Many members of the 4th Degree are members of the Color Guard. Members of the Color Guard are required to wear the official regalia for that post. The regalia consists of a Black Chapeau with a particular colored plume, Black Cape with a particular colored lining, white gloves and a sword on a baldric (all in a design designated by the Supreme Master), over a black tuxedo, white shirt, black tie with black shoes and socks. Baldrics in the United States are Red, White and Blue. A miniature American Flag pin and 4th Degree Emblem are to be worn on the left lapel.

The color of the chapeau plume and cape lining designate the office of that member.

Vice Supreme Master: Blue Chapeau and Cape lining

District Master: Gold Plume and Cape lining

District Marshall: Green Plume and Cape lining

Assembly Faithful Navigator: White Plume and Cape lining

Assembly Commander (Color Guard director): Purple Plume and Cape lining

Assembly Color Guard member: White Plume and Red Cape lining.

Miniature jewels of a former office are permitted to be worn on the left tuxedo pocket. Permitted jewels are as follows: Past State Deputy, Former District Deputy, Past Grand Knight, Past Faithful Navigator, Former District Master, Former Vice Supreme Master.


Membership of the 4th Degree

Members of the 4th are all 3rd Degree members of a particular Council. A 4th Degree member has been accepted by the Assembly Membership into this honored order and has undergone a particular initiation for that degree. A candidate for the 4th Degree must have been a 3rd Degree Member for at least 1 Year. The District Master may allow a member with only 6 Months of membership in the 3rd Degree to be admitted.

Past Faithful Navigators of the Bishop Althoff Assembly

(Terms of office are from July 1 through June 30)

1953-55     Norman Rehm

1955-57     Edward Maue

1957-58     Joseph Du Four

1958-60     Bernard Koopers

1960-62     August Huelsmann

1962-63     Larry Huber

1963-65     Leonard Kampwerth

1965-66     Ferd Foppe

1966-68     Clarence Husmann

1968-70     Theodore Warnecke

1970-72     Edwin Gebke

1972-75     William Spaeth

1975-77     Albert Niemann

1977-79     Richard Sherman

1979-81     Bernard Deimeke

1981-83     Ralph Langhauser

1983-85     Anthony Hollenkamp

1985-87     Paul Meyer

1987-89     Reinhold Kleiboeker

1989-91     John Hempen

1991-93     Richard Crocker

1993-95     James Norrenberns

1995-97     Peter Schumacher

1997-99     Michael Nettemeier

1999-2001 Paul Kreher

2001-03     Elmer Horstmann

2003-05     Donald Deiters

2005-07     Jerome Rakers

2007-09     Joe Langhauser

2009-11      Steve Kleiboeker

2011- 13      Dale Gall

2013-           John Wieter